DRIE-D Mechanical Motion

Jacket Lifting System of the Pioneering Spirit


The story of this project

Pioneering Spirit (formerly Pieter Schelte) is the largest construction vessel in the world, designed for the single-lift installation and removal of large oil and gas platforms and the installation of record-weight pipelines.

With new mission equipment to be installed on the vessel, the Jacket Lifting System, Pioneering Spirit will be able to handle jackets for a.o. topside for both removal and installation.

Motion Challenge

The Jacket Lifting System consists of two beams capable to handle jackets up to 20.000 tons. The beams will rotate with bearings capable to handle the load of the jacket and the beams itself, in adjustable degrees to align to the jackets. Additional demands for the bearings are that they must be maintenance free and safe for the environment.

DRIE-D Solution

Due to the smart innovative bearing design with D-glide® the 170 meter beams can be lifted at two sliding bearings of 1300 mm diameter each. Side effect is that the bearings are cost effective in purchase and maintenance.

Technical details

Load capacity of 60.000 tons

Sliding bearings with 1300 mm diameter each

Sliding bearings with 1300 mm diameter each

DRIE-D' added value in this project

The scope of our work

Design & Engineering

Our engineers support you from the conceptual phase to detailed engineering in making the right choices and incorporate additional advantages.


Specialized in certified friction materials and D-glide® bearing material, we have acquired profound knowledge of bonding. Our own developed bonding procedures ensure verifiable quality and reliability.

Finite Elements Analysis

Our engineers will validate any design both mathematically as well as by using FEA software. Our profound knowledge of our bearing materials enables us to make detailed FEM analyses.

On-site support

Our trained service engineers are specialized in bonding processes on site and can be deployed also for mounting support. Also we have specialists available for inspections of existing equipment.

Project Management

Challenging and complex projects require good management. A multidisciplined team is put together for your project and aligned to accommodate your requirements.

Transport services

Care for our products also includes fast, reliable and careful delivery . Our own transport department supplies our products from stock to your site and gives support on international shipping.

Pioneering Spirit

Installation at Chimolai

Installed bearing in the beams