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    Our designs are characterized by incorporated additional advantages, unthought of up onto this date.

About DRIE-D

Specialized in bearing- and friction technology, DRIE-D designs and produces innovative products to control mechanical motion, for a wide variety of markets.

Conventional mechanical parts and applications are ready for progressive improvement. At DRIE-D we like to design, develop, produce and deliver innovative solutions that can face today’s and future challenges.

Our unique D-glide® bearing material and certified friction materials allow our products to operate in demanding marine circumstances; reliable, sustainable and often without lubrication or maintenance.

The designs by DRIE-D are characterized by incorporated additional advantages, unthought of up onto this date. Imagine maintenance free bearings, smaller in dimension and weighing less than conventional counterparts!

Our history

Plain bearings and brake linings have been around for centuries; the ancient Roman chariots utilized both and Leonardo da Vinci already described the principles. Nevertheless, knowledge to apply the principles in practical, efficient designs was lacking. With the aim to fill exactly that void, DRIE-D was founded in the 90’s. In cooperation with a then small manufacturer of composite bearings and two leading manufacturers of friction materials, supply of robust, reliable products started.

Over the years DRIE-D has evolved into a technically driven company with three main competences: bearing technology, friction technology and components for port equipment. The manufacturing plant is now part of the group, which has grown to close to fifty people. Almost a third of them are engineers, working with and for customers to realise the best, smartest, most reliable and advanced designs.

Our mission

We believe that some idealism is essential for being a good company, it provides guidance and adds meaning to the activities of the day. In our case part of our motivation comes from the desire to aid the reduction of pollution of the planet. This is why we are perpetually trying to create and improve grease and oil free bearing design.

We not only take responsibility for the best possible design but also for the environment. Both in composition as well as in production, sustainability and care for the environment are paramount, all D-glide® grades are free from hazardous ingredients, a unique feature in this industry.It also means that where we can, we offer our help to designers and manufacturers of renewable energy equipment.

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Job openings

New talent is always welcome at DRIE-D.

With our competences from design up until delivery there is always a position for enthusiastic driven people:

  • Work with talented colleagues for technically advanced customers.
  • Create progressive and innovative designs.
  • Apply required knowledge to develop production methods and improve our efficiency.
  • Use your skills to build our quality products.

Send your CV to and become part of the creation of tomorrows designs for mechanical motion!

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