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    Our designs are characterized by incorporated additional advantages, unthought of up onto this date.

Bearing technology

At DRIE-D we do think that bigger is better, there is no upper limit to the size of the bearings we can design and produce. Bearings for a two hundred and fifty meter diameter Ferris wheel, we have done it. Bearings that carry up to 48.000 tons of load in the form of topsides of offshore platforms, bearings that allow converted supertankers to weathervane in the highest winds, bearings for the largest bridges and sluices on the planet; we have all designed and manufactured them. At the same time, we happily produce bearings for cattle gates, for small vanes of a hydro power generator or for water jets that propel an array of different vessels.

D-glide®  bearings allow higher loads than virtually all other plain bearings and have less friction and less wear.  To create the best possible bearing designs, it is essential that all the right choices are made. For this purpose, DRIE-D has a team of dedicated engineers, pure specialists thriving on the challenges of the modern engineering world.

Bearing Technology: D-glide®

DRIE-D is the manufacturer of the D-glide® family of composite plain bearings. The make-up of all D-glide® grades is similar. They are based on a specially woven synthetic cloths which are being impregnated using modern resin systems, enriched with carefully composed sets of additives. Cloth and resin largely are responsible for the mechanical behaviour; the additives further enhance the tribological properties.

Also in shape there are no limits. The semi-finished materials are produced in the form of tubes and flat sheets. Furthermore we have developed the technology to joint and to form D-glide®  into custom shapes; spherical, curved or any other shape that from an engineering point of view makes sense. The result is a family of truly maintenance free plain bearing material, although all are tolerant to lubrication.

We not only take responsibility for the best possible design but also for the environment. Both in composition as well as in production, sustainability and care for the environment are paramount, all D-glide® grades are free from hazardous ingredients, a unique feature in this industry.

Bearing technology – why D-glide® plain bearings

Why D-glide® plain bearings? After all, there already are bronze bearings, ball and roller bearings, some people know nylon and teflon bearings, so why does the world need D-glide® bearings?

There are many reasons and applications for the use of D-glide® bearings but we will give some of the obvious ones by comparing with bronze bearings. They would be the most similar in type of usage and in load capacity to D-glide®:

A lubrication film is always required for bronze bearings; they need oil or grease to keep the counter face separated from the bearing. Without this film the friction goes through the roof as well as the wear rates. Imagine what it does for reliability, for simplicity, for the environment, for maintenance when a D-glide® bearing does what a bronze bearing would do but better and without lubrication.

Bronze bearings are hard. If a shaft is not perfectly aligned with a bearing, if it bends or when shocks occur, shaft and bearing touch and easily damage each other. Irrevocable and progressive. D-glide® allows at least the same or more load than a normal bronze bushing but it is also much more elastic.  Because of that property D-glide® is able to absorb shocks and allow misalignments that would result in instant failure of a bronze one.

Compared to other non-metallic bearings, D-glide® allows five to fifty times more load, it does not absorb water, is resistant to virtually all common chemicals and will show less friction and wear. All together this means that D-glide® simply is the best and most logical choice for many bearing applications.

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