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The Seaqualize Heave Chief

Heave Chief

Hook based balanced heave compensation

Discover the groundbreaking Seaqualize Heave Chief project, a collaborative effort featuring DRIE-D, revolutionizing offshore wind turbine installations. This innovative technology introduces a balanced heave compensation system, handling loads from ~50 to over 1,100 metric tons, enabling floating installations of complete turbines. The patented Seaqualize technology blends a passive system for making loads ‘weightless’ with an efficient active system for precision and safety. It turns standard cranes into high-performance units, offering heavy-duty, in-air heave compensation crucial for equipment protection. With flexible leasing and expert support, Seaqualize is setting new standards in sustainable offshore wind energy.

The challenge

Ensuring minimal friction during continuous motion under high loads

A pivotal challenge DRIE-D faced in the Seaqualize Heave Chief project was ensuring minimal friction during continuous motion under high loads. The Heave Chief contains many interfaces between moving components. The task was critical to prevent excessive temperatures within the Heave Chief, which could compromise the system’s integrity and efficiency. The team employed innovative engineering solutions to achieve an optimal balance between load management and friction reduction. By meticulously designing and refining the components, DRIE-D successfully developed a bearing solutions that operates smoothly under substantial stress, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the Heave Chief, even in the most demanding offshore conditions.

The solution

Use of D-glide® FT

A critical aspect of the Seaqualize Heave Chief project was the collaborative design and calculation of the solution, involving the joint expertise of DRIE-D and Seaqualize engineers. This synergy of knowledge between the two teams was pivotal in achieving the optimal outcome. Central to this innovation was the strategic use of D-glide® FT on moving interfaces, selected for its exceptional performance in high-load, continuous motion environments. This material choice was instrumental in minimizing friction and ensuring operational efficiency and safety under rigorous offshore conditions. The collaboration exemplified how combined engineering experience can lead to innovative solutions in complex, high-stakes projects.

A proud contribution

Collaboration in offshore heavy lifting

Integrating advanced engineering and collaborative expertise has lead to the creation of a robust and efficient system for wind turbine installations and other offshore lifting purposes. The use of D-glide® FT stands as a testament to the project’s commitment to operational excellence and sustainability. As we start this chapter on a successful collaboration, we look towards a future where such pioneering solutions continue to propel the offshore wind energy sector to new heights, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable world. Change not just the way your equipment operates, but also the way you think about possibilities. Reach out to the DRIE-D team and discover what true innovation can mean for you. Contact us engineer@drie-d.com of call at +3110 – 31340720.