DRIE-D Mechanical Motion

Projects to be proud of

Designing supports for thermal expansion for Hardt Hyperloop

Bearing Technology, D-glide®

Challenge: One of the major challenges faced in hyperloop design is the variability in material properties, especially in relation to ambient temperature fluctuations.

Solution: A core component of our solution lies in our renowned D-glide® composite material. Its unique properties in combination with the inventive design result in compact supports which can mitigate the effects of thermal expansion and support the entire hyperloop.

Hook based balanced heave compensation

Bearing Technology, D-glide®

Challenge: A pivotal challenge DRIE-D faced in the Seaqualize Heave Chief project was ensuring minimal friction during continuous motion under high loads. The Heave Chief contains many interfaces between moving components. The task was critical to prevent excessive temperatures within the Heave Chief, which could compromise the system’s integrity and efficiency.

Solution: A critical aspect of the Seaqualize Heave Chief project was the collaborative design and calculation of the solution, involving the joint expertise of DRIE-D and Seaqualize engineers. This synergy of knowledge between the two teams was pivotal in achieving the optimal outcome. Central to this innovation was the strategic use of D-glide® FT on moving interfaces, selected for its exceptional performance in high-load, continuous motion environments.

Spherical bearings, bushings and sliding pads in the Afsluitdijk

Bearing Technology, D-glide®

Challenge: To protect the Netherlands against water for the coming 100 years . Renew and increase the amount sluice holes and scuppers and create more pump channels.

Solution: The innovative design of sliding bearings, bushings and slide plates and the use of D-glide® makes sure we keep our feet dry for the coming 100 years. Maintenance free and safe for the environment.

Stinger bearings

Bearing Technology, D-glide®

Challenge: Design and engineering bearings within the existing space and easy to install.

Solution: Spherical bearings with inner bushing, easy to install and optimized within the existing space.

AIN Dubai – Mega bearings for largest observation wheel

Bearing Technology, D-glide®

Together the team of engineers made the translation from the general demands from the contract into the specific bearing requirements. They needed to be inspectable, replaceable, durable, cost efficient, maintenance free and absolutely fail safe. Traditional roller bearings simply do not offer such a set or properties and something new needed to be created.

Challenge: Traditional roller bearings would not meet all demands.

Solution: The innovative design of mega bearings from D-glide® bearing tiles instead of roller bearings, ensures 60 years of uncomplicatedly doing its rounds and helps to establish this record size wheel safely and reliably.

D-glide® spud guides for giant cutter suction dredger

Bearing Technology, D-glide®

Commonly spud guides are made of hard-wearing steel alloys. For larger spuds, the higher loads and larger motions involved appeared to render this concept useless, resulting in damaged guides and spuds. Ultra wear-resistant D-glide® could provide a solution. Instead of damaging the spud it polishes the surface, the flexibility of the material allows it to spread the loads, resulting in lower stresses and long lifetimes.

Challenge: Create sufficiently rugged spud guides that function in this harsh usage and provide long lifetimes.

Solution: Design guides that properly spread the loads, with a generous wear allowance in a fail-safe design, to survive the extreme usage conditions.

Boom Hinge Bearings

Bearing Technology, D-glide®

Challenge: Replace the original bearings within the given dimensions in short periode of time.

Solution: By smart design the D-glide® bearing was machined to fit and supplied at the terminal for installation within 48 hours.

Maintenance free swing bridge

Bearing Technology, D-glide®

The full weight of the bridge of around 5.500 ton, is supported by a D-glide® trust bearing of only one meter in diameter. To envision what this means and how impressive this is: it roughly equals the weight of the complete population of a small, 80.000 residents city, all supported by a D-glide® bearing the size of a coffee table.

Challenge: A maintenance friendly swing bridge, where all moving parts operate grease-less with utmost reliability.

Solution: Development of bespoke D-glide® bearings and guides to suit.

Aquamarine Power – Oyster Wave Energy Generator

Bearing Technology, D-glide®

With the realisation of the Oyster 800 by Aquamarine Power, one of the last remaining, virtually untouched sources of renewable energy would be activated. Using traditional bearings for the hinges was not an option. Bearings suitable for use in this application, meeting all criteria, simply did not exist. DRIE-D therefore designed and produced large (ø1.200 mm) spherical bearings that provided all required functionality, compact, efficient and maintenance free.

Challenge: Traditional bearings are unusable in sea water.

Solution: Development of custom D-glide® bearings for this application.


Within DRIE-D the idea originated that with the new, ultra-wear-resistant D-glide® FC material, it should be possible to make more wear resistant skid planks for Formula 1 racing cars than with the previously used materials. Because D-glide® FC is much more wear resistant than the dedicated McLaren plank material, the cars could now be set up lower to the tarmac. The ‘plank’ touched the circuit more often but thanks to the excellent wear resistance of D-glide® FC, the total wear during a race remained under the 1-millimetre limit. Because a lower set-up car is faster, the McLaren cars became even more competitive.

Challenge: Wear resistance of underfloor skid planks was insufficient.

Solution: Development of skid planks to suit the requirements.