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Spud guides with D-glide® composite material

Think different

Reliable and durable

Spud guides with D-glide® are for dredging vessels and other floating equipment with spuds, such as pontoons. They offer long life thanks to the excellent wear resistance of D-glide® and smooth operation due to the low friction values. In fact, D-glide® spud guides tend to polish the counter face, even when this is made of carbon steel. This contributes to smooth and quiet operation.

DRIE-D developed and optimized the procedures for reliably and durably fixating D-glide® to metal backings, allowing for easy installation on board, optionally with elastic elements for improved shock and vibration resistance.

D-glide® Composite

Smooth solutions for rough challenges

Our specially developed durable D-glide® composite bearing material (often called FRP) allows for technical opportunities that exceed those of all traditional bearings. For this type of application the D-glide® grade with the highest abbrasive wear resistance is used, D-glide® FC.

Spud guides with D-glide® are groundbreaking, due to the characteristic of D-glide®. Dredging professionals can now experience smoother operation and longer wear life, significantly boosting productivity and reducing operational downtime.

D-glide® composite material has ultra low friction values, is extremely wear resistant and can operate maintenance free.

Benefits of Spud guides with D-glide®

Creating new limits

Sustainable & Innovation

Paving the way forward

In the constantly evolving world of marine equipment, sustainability and innovation aren’t mere buzzwords – they are the cornerstones of future-oriented solutions. At the forefront of this change is D-glide®. Our commitment to developing products that not only enhance performance but also safeguard our planet’s resources exemplifies the perfect amalgamation of technological prowess and eco-responsibility. By choosing Spud guides with D-glide®, stakeholders aren’t just investing in equipment; they are endorsing a vision for a cleaner, efficient, and more sustainable marine industry. Embrace D-glide® – where innovation meets sustainability, setting new benchmarks for the world to follow.

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