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Brake Shoe for Kalmar Straddle Carrier

Kalmar straddle carriers are integral components in the logistics and port industry, known for their efficiency and reliability. However, many older models, approximately 40 years old, still in operation worldwide, require specific maintenance parts like brake shoes. Originally produced by the OEM, these brake shoes are no longer available from the manufacturer, creating a significant demand for high-quality replacements.

Advanced Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

To meet this demand, we at DRIE-D have undertaken the production of these essential brake shoes for Kalmar Straddle Carriers. Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D scanning equipment and reverse engineering techniques, we have developed precise replicas of the original brake shoes. Our team of experts has ensured that these new brake shoes meet the highest standards of quality and performance, providing a reliable solution for maintaining older Kalmar straddle carriers.

Despite the age of these carriers, they continue to be used in various locations around the world, including Italy, Africa, and both North and South America. We have tailored our production to cater to these regions, ensuring that operators can keep their fleets running smoothly. Our brake shoes are sold as complete sets, as seen in our product photos, offering a convenient and cost-effective solution for our customers.

Our specialist in
Friction Solutions

Dave Habets
Friction Specialist

If you need brake shoes or a lining set for your Kalmar Straddle Carrier, contact Dave to order.

Additional Products and OEM References

In addition to brake shoes, we offer individual brake linings, rivets, drums, and cylinders to support comprehensive maintenance needs. Below are the OEM part numbers for easy reference:

By providing these high-quality parts, we ensure that older Kalmar straddle carriers can continue to operate efficiently, maintaining the productivity and reliability that our customers depend on.