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All aspects of bearing and friction technology can be found combined in our improved components, applied in equipment used for container handling, bulk handling and other port equipment. In container handling and bulk handling, various types of heavy duty equipment are used, instigated by the various terminal lay-outs that can be chosen by the terminal operators. As global transport expands, this particular market with its demanding and strongly varying circumstances, its ever increasing speeds and its handling of high loads, pushes the limits of existing designs. Though container terminal and port equipment can be found all over the world, local circumstances will always lead to their own and new mechanical challenges for the equipment used.

DRIE-D’s strive for simple solutions for moving parts, combined with our ongoing quest for improvement and innovation, results in products that enable more sustainable and reliable terminal operation. Maintenance friendly and even various maintenance free components, drastically reduce the service intervals and allow for environmentally friendly operation.

Container Terminal & Port Equipment​

Innovative, improved and sustainable

Our extensive experience of controlled mechanical motion, resulting from bearing- and friction technology, combined with our accumulated knowledge of terminal equipment, makes almost every mechanical component found in port equipment subject for improvement. Durable designs, smart use of materials and progressive handling techniques, make our products and improved components allow for more reliable operation and increased uptime for your equipment.

The starting point of engineering for improved components usually consists of experiences of operators, fast and unexpected wear of specific parts or the need for more sustainable application. But we are also regularly involved if a new, radical and progressive approach is desired by either the operator or OEM supplier. With the compiled information, our engineers can focus on improving specific characteristics or propose a radical new approach by the use of other materials and accompanying benefits.

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To meet all challenges surrounding container handling and bulk handling operation, an extensive range of improved components and competitive spare parts is directly available from stock.

Almost each component is characterized by incorporated improvements, instigated by experiences gained in operational conditions. The parts are directly interchangeable in the existing situation with none to minimal modification to your equipment, and are available for all types of equipment and for various brands.

Quality assurance & Project management

High quality, reliable supply

High standards are met in our projects. That also requires working with the best materials and latest techniques. It all starts in the supply chain. All materials used are traceable to their origin and produced by renowned companies. Careful skilled workmanship in our workshop and cooperation with selected partners, ensures quality of our products.  All improved components that enter or leave our facility are being tested, inspected and dimensionally controlled to secure high quality.

Over the past decades various projects involving improved components have been successfully accomplished. Success not only achieved by the products themselves but also by carefully managing the total scope of work. Strict planning to align products and services, resulted in perfect completion and delivery according to agreed project requirements.


At DRIE-D we like setting new standards for heavy loads or harsh operation, environmental safe and maintenance friendly. Highly specialized in mechanical motion, we provide a smooth solution for your rough challenge! Our engineers are experienced and specialized to design solutions in these fields.


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