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D’Artagnan – Innovative cutter dredger

Challenge: motion system of traditional spud pole wagon susceptible for improvement

Solution: design of tailor made sliding system with D-glide® slide pads

DEME had the ambition to build a good, reliable, smart and environmentally friendly cutter dredger, using the latest technology. They achieved this goal with the D’Artagnan, at the time one of the largest vessels in its kind.

One of the most complex systems on board a cutter dredger is the spud pole wagon. Traditionally this is a large, complex, maintenance intensive construction. A carriage with large, heavy wheels, shafts and bogies and hefty bearings, riding back and forth on fortified tracks.

In spite of decades of experience, the common spud pole wagons remained maintenance sensitive constructions. They are large, complex and expensive. In use they consume large quantities of lubricants and burden the environment. Failures occur and occur unpredictably, repairs are time and cost consuming. And from a technical point of view it is not really logical to use wheels to slowly move a large, heavy construction on a vessel.

Together with the principle and the builder of the ship, Royal IHC, a construction was devised making the spud pole wagon slide instead of role. The sliding system consists of steel plates with rubber vulcanized in between ánd a top layer of the ultra-wear-resistant D-glide® FC material.

The result is that functionality has not changed but the new construction with slide shoes is more compact, less complex and more efficient and reliable.

Additional advantage is that the condition of the slide shoes is easily visually inspectable. In contrast with traditional spud pole wagons, sudden failure of the system is simply impossible.

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