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D-glide® FT composite material

At the cutting edge of material science, D-glide® represents a breakthrough in low-friction, high-load bearing applications. Engineered for excellence, it offers unmatched durability and performance across a wide range of industries.

The unique quality of D-glide® FT

Reliable and durable

What sets D-glide® FT apart is its unparalleled low-friction coefficient, nearly rivaling that of pure Teflon, yet capable of supporting loads a hundredfold greater. This exceptional blend of low friction and high load capacity makes D-glide® FT a standout in the composite material market. Its robustness and versatility redefine what’s possible in engineering applications, making it a preferred choice for innovative solutions.

Applications of D-glide® FT

Versatility at its best

D-glide® FT is the go-to material for a variety of applications where low friction and high load bearing are crucial. It is ideal for use in heavy machinery, aerospace, marine, and automotive industries. From the intricate workings of machinery to the vast expanse of oceanic equipment, D-glide® FT delivers unparalleled performance.

D-glide® FT in Action

Project Highlights

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