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Renewable energy

In tidal, current and wave energy, designing the moving parts is interestingly challenging. Waves typically come in about eight second intervals, which works out to be more than 10.000 motions a day, every day, every year.

Try imagining what that means for a bearing: water always contains sediment – another word for abrasive particles –, sea  water is unpleasantly corrosive and every object in the sea will suffer from marine growth. Challenging circumstances for mechanical moving parts and lubrication is not an option: you cannot pollute the planet while being busy protecting it!

We have created proven designs and acquired lots of experience for a variety of renewable energy generators. If the required bearing is not part of our portfolio yet, we will do whatever it takes to create it.

Wind energy has our special interest. For the ever larger wind mills, the nacelle yaw bearings become a bottle neck and propeller pitch bearing capacity nowadays determines the dimensions of the base of the blades, instead of the optimum aerodynamic design. At DRIE-D more efficient designs are available, maintenance free and very cost efficient.

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