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DRIE-D has for many years been the Dutch representative of the Jurid range of railway brake shoes and brake pads from Federal-Mogul (former Honeywell, Glinde, Germany), serving Dutch Rail (NS / Nedtrain) as well as the other parties operating on the Dutch railway network.

The activities do not stop at the Dutch border, DRIE-D holds an extensive stock of the most current products and, in cooperation with Federal-Mogul, we service many railway and railway maintenance companies in the surrounding countries including the United Kingdom.

Besides ‘brakes’, the portfolio of DRIE-D includes many interesting and innovative products. DRIE-D brake block holders with D-glide® bushings, instead of the standard UIC hardened steel bushings, achieve a longer life time, provide constant behaviour and reduce the amount of noise generated by a train by sometimes as much as decibels. D-glide® suspension bushings maximize the durability and ensure perfect behaviour of the Dutch SGM train suspension. Furthermore we supply centre pivot liners with various degrees of friction, side bearer slide pads, door guides, knuckle bearings, air bellow slide pads and many other components.

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