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Maritime Equipment

Maritime equipment in the context of DRIE-D means: all equipment with moving parts on vessels, and quaysides. Think stern rollers, winches, fairleads, davits, a-frames, gangways, crane booms, active mooring systems, fishing gear: mechanical constructions with moving parts.

Although these products are different in function and design, they all face the same challenges. Salt water, maintenance is difficult or impossible and reliability needs to be guaranteed. This requires well built, carefully designed components or, in case of bearings and guides, the right choice of counter face material. Bearings with the optimum design, the right dimensions, fitted to last and to perform its function for as long necessary.

For any complete product you can ask us for customized support and we will make sure that the moving parts do what they need to do; no matter how large or small, simple or complicated. Whether we can fall back on proven designs or whether we need to create a totally new design from scratch.

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